Hospital bag must haves;for moms

Its always great to stay sane by preparing hospital bag ahead of time.Here’s an ultimate hospital bag list stuffs every mom should ensure are packed:

1)Two pairs of nursing friendly pajamas

2)A warm Robe

3) At least (3)under wears.

4)At least (2) nursing bras

5)Travel Mirror

6) Deodorant



9)Body Lotion


11)Nipple cream(Lanolin)

12)Hand sanitizer

13)Coming home outfit

14)Hair brush or comb

15)pregnacare medicines

16)Long phone charger

17)Make-up bag


Hope you like the list and in case we skipped some stuff,feel free to include.On our next blog we list the essentials to pack for a baby bag :).

Pregnancy:Am eating for “two”myth.How true is it?

To all my fellow awesome moms,am a 100% sure that this statement of “am eating for two” while pregnant sounds familier,right?

Well,Its so obvious that all pregnant moms want to receive their bundle of joy in absolutely good health,however, at the same time,they want to maintain their curves which is mostly proven wrong by the myth surrounding eating for ‘two’ during pregnancy. Now,how true is this?

All you need to know as a young mom/mom to be is that your baby takes everything that they need from you for the first 6 months without you wanting any extra calories at all.

The only time you may want to eat extra is during the last trimester. All that is important is ensuring that you eat healthily in case you already don’t because what you eat now will definitely affect your baby in future.

The truth is, eating lots of extra food when you’re pregnant doesn’t help your baby. It’ll only leave you with extra weight which you may struggle to lose once your baby comes. This is especially true in case the extra food you’re eating is high in empty calories fat and sugar.

So,the myth is simply not true. 😉

A list worth printing;Exclusive shopping list for a new baby

The Maa.mzito website has prepared a list of items that they think would make it really easy for you as a new mom during your eagerly awaited shopping, all in one list!..isn’t that awesome 🙂



2)mattress with a water proof cover,

3)crib bumpers-be aware of SIDS danger (optional)

4)comfortable arm-chair for breastfeeding (optional),

5)changing table/changing mat,


1)sheets(at least 3),

2)baby monitor (in case of the baby sleeping in a different room).


Breastfeeding and feeding

1)Breast pump(optional),

2)Baby bottles (even if you’re breastfeeding),

3)a small package of formula milk(in case your baby suddenly stops wanting breastmilk),

4)a phone number (for a lactation advisor)

5)scales(to weigh the baby and keep track of their weight gain),

6)breastfeeding pillow(optional),-you can use just an ordinary pillow

7)sterilizers(optional), (you can also sterilize the bottles in boiling water)

8)bottle warmer(optional)-milk or later food in glasses can also be heated in an ordinary water bath



2)bucket with a lid for disposable diapers,

3)wipes or textile sheets which are dipped into water,

4)bum ointment, preferably for babies

5)cotton wool,for wiping after diaper change

6)disposable changing pads -when travelling.

Outside and travelling

1)A stroller- determined by your lifestyle, infant car seat(usually up to 2years),

2)changing bag

3)baby carrier (optional)

Hygiene,cosmetic and health

1)bathtub-the classic one with a bump at the bottom which holds the baby in a half -sitting position so you don’t really need to hold their head,

2)soft towels

3)baby oil or cream for body,

4)60%alcohol and small gauze swabs or sterile squares (to treat the navel),

5)mucus suction device,

6)essential medicine (its good to at least have something for the fever at home,all medicine should be prescribed or recommended by your doctor),



9)cotton buds(for babies),


11)thermometer for bath water(optional)

12)soap (you can only bath the baby in clean water at the beginning but later you can use baby soap,oil,or shower gel),

13)tooth brush and toothpaste (for when they start teething),

14)nail scissors (with a round top),

Clothes/starting kit

1) 10overalls(one piece)ideally footed for cold season babies all with long sleeves and vice versa for the hot seasons

2) 8 baby grows or body suits depending on the season,

3) 6pairs of trousers (ideally footed or rompers),

4) 6pairs of socks,

5) 4pairs of cotton mittens (depending on the season),

6) 2light cotton caps,

7)1 outdoor puffer,

8) 2-3 sweaters or sweatshirts.

***for new born,the 1st layer of clothes should always be 100% cotton


***baby’s until 3 months old rarely pay attention to toys but whenever you buy any toy,always ensure its age appropriate.Avoid small toys that could be swallowed.****

Breastfeeding;truth about breastfeeding

As a new mother,I remember having a really hard time breastfeeding my son.For sure there are so many things that I didn’t know but I thank God that I later came to know how to go about it.Whether you’re a first time mom or second time mom,at first,you’ll make a very small amount of breastmilk because the hormonal changes that trigger your milk production happens slowly.This may tend you to think that your baby may not be getting enough milk but since her stomach is only tiny at first and feeds frequently, its not a problem.I was also advised that feeding the baby at least every two to three hours(or even more!)throughout the day helps to build your milk production. Always try to rest when you can,eat well and get as much help as possible with chores and any older kids so that you can focus on breastfeeding.In case your baby is feeding often and still not putting on weight, a lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist may recommend pumping to build your milk supply.1st time moms ,breastfeeding may hurt due to maybe cracked ,bleeding or blistered nipples,ouch!.That’s why its always good to check your babys latch.Your new born should have a large portion of the lower part of the areola(the dark skin around your nipple)in her mouth when she feeds,your nipple against the roof of her mouth,cupped gently underneath by her tongue.Always ensure wiping damaged nipples gently with several pieces of water ,moistened cotton wool after feeding to remove debris that could lead to infection.Always airdry nipples or dab with a very clean ,soft muslin or flannel as infection can flourish in damp conditions. Its good to use nursing pads to absorb any milk leakage remembering to change them regularly. Sooth your nipples to releave soreness and any dry skin with ultra pure lanolin cream or gently apply a few drops of your own breast milk.What no one ever told you about breastfeeding is that ITS painful,YOUR appetite will be insatiable,IT can make you sick,YOU’RE a demand feeding machine and ITS hard!..but why did I still do it?I continued doing it because I loved seeing his face once he triggers a ‘letdown’and he looks up to me with big loving eyes once his hunger has been quenched!..nothing beats that to a mom!😘👍

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My Water-bag just broke;what next

If your waters break naturally, you may feel a slow trickle, or a sudden gush of fluid,that you can’t stop.Your waters may break before you go to the hospital but are more likely to break during labour.’Waters breaking’ is always the first sign of labour in popular culture and it happens very suddenly and usually in public(not necessarily).How do I know if my waters have broken?If you experience the following, your waters may have broken 1)a popping sensation followed by a gush or a trickle of fluid 2)an unusual amount of dumpness in your pants that doesn’t smell like urine.3)uncontrollable leaking of small or large amounts of fluid from the vagina that doesn’t smell like urine. It shouldn’t hurt when your waters break or when they are broken for you.The amniotic sac which is the part that ‘breaks’ doesn’t have pain receptors which are the things that causes you to feel pain.What should I do when my waters breaks?a)put a sanitary pad(not a tampon)in your pants if you can.b) amniotic fluid is clear and a pale straw colour thus sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between the amniotic fluid and urine.The water maybe a little blood stained to begin with.Once the waters have broken,the baby is at risk of infection and your midwife or hospital/birth centre is likely to ask you to come into hospital to be checked.Please tell your maternity unit immediately if (I)the waters are smelly or coloured (2)you’re loosing blood.This could mean you and your baby need urgent attention. Sometimes, your waters may break before you go into labour.Most women go into labour on their own within 24hrs.If this doesn’t happen, your midwife will offer to induce labour and you will be advised to give birth in the hospital incase you’re not already there.This is because your waters breaking before labour starts increases your baby’s risk of infection

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